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Innovation Readiness Series®

Our experience tells us that, in many cases, a novice entrepreneur needs some help in understanding the finer points of technology commercialization, and in learning the "language of innovation." The Innovation Readiness Series® is an online, self-paced training covers each of the key challenges in commercialization. At the end of the course, an innovator will be prepared to pitch an innovation in a compelling and persuasive way to potential customers, partners and investors. Online tutorials for each module provide students a rich interface with the in-depth content on each topic in the series. Videos, quizzes, and assignments on real technologies chosen by participants reinforce the content.

The modules cover the following topics:

  • An Introduction to Innovation
  • Technology description: what are the components required?
  • Technology benefits: how to move from features to desired market impact
  • Technology development status: where are you in the development continuum?
  • Intellectual property: various types of protection and why it important to protect your IP
  • Competition: the value and use of a competitive matrix
  • Market validation: why and how
  • Planning and pitching: preparing your action plan for market entry
  • Effective Presentations

Once you have finished the course successfully, a certificate of completion and an eBook of course materials for reference are provided.

Scientist's Role in Technology Commercialization

In most start-up companies, the inventor is the starting point: the disruptive idea drives the development of the product or service. Our training and methodology will define and explain how technology commercialization fits into the research activities of a laboratory, as well as the possible roles that a scientist can play in facilitating the commercialization process. We provide scientists, inventors and lab directors with knowledge and understanding enabling them to support the organization's goals for technology commercialization more effectively. The goal: advance the consciousness level of scientists and innovators as to best practices which can be employed to maximize the value of technology developed in the laboratory, thereby creating a baseline for the role of the scientist in the longer-term commercialization process. We help you draft a plan for taking your innovation to th market, as you define the role that best suits you in the development of the enterprise.

Pitching Your Technology

We know how to pitch products to customers and investors — we can help you craft a presentation that will get the attention of investors and customers.

Entrepreneurship Training

Our Entrepreneurship Training program has been designed to benefit representatives of technologies seeking commercialization of their innovation—whether that commercialization avenue is licensing, joint development, or formation of a new business. Training on commercialization strategies, effective strategic management for global market entry, understanding the market and market challenges, venture formation and financing, licensing or joint development, marketing a technology, and bespoke presentation development help fuel your enterprise for a quick lift-off to commercial success!

Developing Young Entrepreneurs

We are collaborating with universities and colleges in the state to provide unique opportunities for students to rub shoulders with real entrepreneurs and market experts, as well as take advantage of selected opportunities for hands-on training and work with our portfolio companies.

Subject Matter Expert Series

Over the course of each four-month acceleration cycle, we will be offering seminars and workshops with subject matter experts, from both the United States and India, who will join us to share and impart their advice and expertise. Watch our calendar of events for more soon!

Tech To Market

Our goal is to recruit, assess and accelerate disruptive technologies, creating measurable jobs and wealth for innovators in the Sunrise State. Our depth of experience in technology commercialization, combined with our extensive global footprint and "know-how network," is the platform to help you position your company for success. Our expert mentors and business development experts will help you developed a bespoke market action plan, and to put that plan into play to attract real business opportunities leading to revenue and growth.