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  • Portfolio Cohort 3

    Biotechnology based sprayable non-toxic products that prevent crop diseases by 3 mechanisms; reducing loss by 30–90%.These products give preventive solutions by blocking pathogen entry, increasing beneficial microbes and stimulating plant defense mechanism.

    Swagene, NABH-certified molecular diagnostic laboratory provides highly available, accessible and affordable personalized diagnosis for cancer, pregnancy, infertility, heart disease and infections.

    Cohum is India’s first wearable ID with a GPS device, an emergency hotline, and a complete digital medical emergency information system. It reduces time-to-appropriate-treatment in a medical emergency.

    Snackexperts is a FMCG brand that delivers unique, preservative-free snack choices made from all-natural ingredients, delivered across India to consumers and offices.

    Smart solar drip irrigation system with Crop Tracking facility that saves water, fertilizer and input cost up to 50%.

    Toolyt is an intelligent application for field officers, which is automated with event-data driven workflows to increase their productivity and field efficiency, and to understand problems and provide solutions.

    Talking Tree Robot Teacher is a platform designed for teaching Kindergarten to third standard students, by way of stories, audio visual aids and music through interesting cartoon characters. It also acts as teacher’s assistant.

    IoT based hardware that serves as a building block to develop a network of automated hub stations for bicycle pooling. It facilitates a modified form of rental model by offering freedom to issue and drop off bicycles at any of the available hub stations in a region.

    Ultra low-cost modular wireless smart metering system which enables load profiling, demand forecast, detection of electricity theft and remote shut down.

    TaxitHere is a one-stop solution for individuals and organizations to file IT returns and do financial planning in a seamless and hassle free manner.

    Precision robotic arm for harvesting cotton by detecting, locating and precisely picking individual bloom using 3D stereo vision technique with 6 degrees of arm.

    Head-up display for connected vehicles, providing the user with advanced drive assistance by combining data coming from vehicle, other vehicles and users, remote monitoring of the vehicle , setting speed limits, break down and emergency assistance to the driver.

    Carbon TEM grid, fabricated using Carbon-Micro electro, mechanical systems works for wide variety of samples including CNT, CNW, nano particles and biological cells/tissue. The user-customized grid is chemical and high temperature resistant.

    Hassle free pumping solution for farmers which work on atmospheric pressure, decreasing cost and increasing efficiency, as compared with traditional pumps working on electricity and fossil fuels.

    Zanani manufactures low cost farming tools and equipment for cultivation of crops, reducing labour, working time, cultivation cost and human drudgery.

    A solar-powered monitoring device for aqua culture farms to reduce overall operational costs by collecting multiple parameters in real time to provide predictive data analytics.

    Building sustainable rural clusters with state-of-the-art technology to solve rural to urban forced migration in India.

    NUTAS is world’s first robotic remotely operated non invasive ultrasound tumor Ablation System for treating breast cancerous tumor without surgery & radiation, which immediately frees the cancer Cells present in the Tumor.

    Edible Biocide, a unique organic acid with safe, effective disinfectant properties. It protects food from decay and spoilage, and increases stability by killing and destroying microbes and bio burden.

    Coir pith compost is organic manure and soil conditioner applicable to agricultural crops that improves the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil, enhances the crop yield, providing an excellent medium for plant growth, and reduces frequency of irrigation.

    Solar-powered food dehydrator that increases the shelf life, reduces price fluctuations and helps generate 50% greater revenue by selling value-added dried products with higher nutrition retention and lower drying time.

    MMIS Technologies fuse standard map templates (Pre-loaded with Census/secondary data) to ERP/MIS systems, allowing decision-making on the fly.

    Better Shrimp is a sustainable shrimp aquaculture practice that standardizes shrimp farming technology for local conditions at commercial scale with higher survival rate, reduced production costs and improved farmer income.

    iCommute is a mobile app that bridges the gap between transit agencies and people by providing real time info about Bus, Metro and Trains networks.

    A multi-functional autonomous tactical drone, to examine fenced portions of the border in an effort to enhance surveillance.

    Technology platform that brings together various agri-ecosystem partners, like Producer groups, Wholesalers and Food Processors, Input Manufacturers and Suppliers, Banks and Agricultural Research Institutions.

    Vehicle Black Box is a dashboard mounted vehicle safety and security tracking system for monitoring the performance of vehicle and driver behavior.

    Pluto is an AC helmet with an inbuilt compact and light weight cooling system that can be mounted externally.

    PhotoClickPay, an AI and Data analytics technology designed to enrich digital payments by advancing payment services and automating person payments in the form of pictures which every human being can able to use

    Nano transformer is an electrical fire and shock preventer system to avoid electrical deaths and fire possibilities in electrical environment

    Biodegradable and nontoxic chemical that improves paper mechanical, physical and water resistance properties and imparts antimicrobial property.

    Micro wash is a fully automatic 0.5 Kg micro washing machine with Bluetooth audio connectivity, touch less automatic soap dispenser and hand dryer.

  • Portfolio Cohort 2

    Eco-friendly and cost effective disposable shaving brush with organic bristles.

    Unmanned Marine Surface Vehicle (UMSV) is an autonomous ocean robot / vehicle capable of collecting ocean data real-time, through unpredictable conditions, and communicating it to satellites and land.

    A cloud-based accounting software with in-built compliance which enables real-time internal audit of transactions and provides accurate business intelligence to facilitate decision-making.

    Foam controlling technology that works on surface tension and pressure differential to remove foam in the reactor vessel, reducing chemical anti-foam usage.

    A new generation of nematicides, adapting integrated pest management strategies mainly targeting the root knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita.

    Teaching of advanced mathematics concepts through the use of technology

    Digital controlled precise dispensing valve for liquids under gravity flow.

    Low-cost rope spinning machine for extracting fibre from banana pseudo stem.

    Global Cyber security services that provide comprehensive cost effective Information Security and Privacy solutions & Services.

    Antivirus for Sunrise State of Andhra Pradesh

    Augmenting Virtual Reality (VR) technology for custom fit fashion.

    Ayurvedic plant medicine acting as organic pesticide without affecting the biodiversity of farms.

    Mobile App for hyper-local social network to avail services like food delivery, groceries, medicines and movie tickets.

    IoT technology designed to provide safety, security, and logistics management

    Eco-friendly fibre, yarn, coco peat and composite boards from coconut coir for housing, planting and decoration.

    A novel food supplementfrom natural sources for feed cattle, leading toimproved milk production and reproductive health.

    Nutri-Bran enriched feed using fermentation of residues from effluent treatment plants of food and agro industries.

    An iron nano catalyst for higher income from ethanol manufacturing industries.

    Increased farm crop productivity using advanced biotech formulations.

    ICT-based training methodologies imparting English communication skills to the rural populations.

    Green route reinforcement of cloth fibres with potent nano particles for antimicrobial, self-cleaning and other applications.

    Microbial carotenoids from inexpensive agro-industrial substrates for food industry.

    Mobile App providing on-demand service connecting customers to cargo goods carriers.

    Organic manure from keratinase enzyme-treated feather waste

    Cost effective WiFi devices for small and medium scale enterprises which also offers affordable marketing services to customers.

  • Portfolio Cohort 1

    World's first pathogen detection system that simultaneously detects all probable causative agents of Critical infections - Bacteria, fungi, RNA viruses, DNA viruses and parasites – in a single patient sample in a single test with a processing time of 7 hours.

    Software platform that delivers complex workflow processes seamlessly & securely, connecting people and devices in real-time. Easy to learn, improves software productivity by 50% and reduces defects.

    Facilitating reduced agri input costs, improved farm productivity, natural resources conservation, compliance with climate changes and market linkages for rural population through digital technology.

    NuSpace is a 3D remote collaboration platform that emulates real world interaction, using Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality technologies in training, planning and other applications.

    AUTOMETRY automates measurement of height, weight and BMI, from new born to elderly, gender-independent. Automates nutrition-based wellness and clinical services

    IoT Cloud Video Streaming and Surveillance, with state-of-the-art smart cloud camera offerings. They offer IoT video platform licensing and indoor/outdoor smart cloud cameras.

    BPPC tyreprevents tyrebursts, cures puncture, balances tyre in dynamic condition, increases life and marginally increases fuel efficiency (3%).

    Ethically and scientifically explore the full potential of MolecularDiagnostics& Regenerative medicine through cell therapies.

    Nitrifying Bioreactor technology for Re-circulating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) achieving optimum levels of nitrogenous compounds in water, and prevents Nitrate buildup.

    A formulation for treating non-healing ulcers, such as diabetic ulcers, based on phyto active principles, made from safe herbal ingredients, applied externally.

    LED tube lights, with plug-in end caps, to reduce retrofit time by 90% and electricity load by 65%, extending life by 85%.

    Physical and IT infrastructure for horticulture and spice crops, providing value from farm to processing to market.

    Biomass engineered composites that allow villagers to make hybridized bamboo structures for carrying load.

    Innovative oil and gas production technology that assists with highest efficiency oil production, oil production by 50%, and reducing field development costs by 25%.

    Building 360 degrees Customer view and RWE platforms, using big data, analytics and IOT latest technologies.

    Finds and retrieves the stolen communication devices like Smart phones, Laptops, Tablets etc., without the help of the Law enforcement authorities.

    iDecide is an Android-based mobile phone application, providing an easy, secure and low cost way to manage patient health information.

    Bio pest repellent solution for post-harvest applications in food packaging, storage and transportation.

    A thrilling experience of God's creation, a mystical experience, an adventurous expedition. Devlok: A divine world, truly the abode of happiness.

    A rapidly deployable primary wound care device to handle all wounds effectively on-site.

    Renewable energy technology that offers affordable energies to rural population.

    Efficient ERP for SME, and product development for start-ups.

    Unique home garden and composting solution.

    Clean energy electric mobility solution

  • Testimonials

    During my first day, I was not even able to define the technology in simple words. The few months in XLr8AP changed my outlook. Now, I don't talk technology: I can effectively communicate and persuade and my presentations are much more effective. I was able to get a collaboration opportunity with a giant multinational company thanks to the work XLr8AP team put in shaping MasterKube communication. I would recommend any budding entrepreneur to be part of XLr8AP. It is invaluable. 

    - Antony Alappatt

    The efforts taken by the XLr8AP team is tremendous. As a teacher is guide to a student my firm belief on the XLr8AP program is exactly the same to the investor and entrepreneurs. Today we feel very proud to say that under XLr8AP team guidance we are in process of being the first company in India to export unmanned marine system for a big dredging, offshore contractor like Van Oord, Netherlands. Our success is highly tributed to the XLr8AP, FICCI and Invest in India program team in guiding us in the right direction. Today we proudly state to be the pioneer in India to develop, manufacture unmanned maritime systems for global export.

    - Nikunj Parashar
    Sagar Defence Engineering Pvt. Ltd

    “We were intrigued to learn about Xlr8 Andhra Pradesh and initially had apprehensions about effectiveness of the program since it was in Tirupati and not at any metropolis or the major start up hubs. However, the very first day at the program changed our perspective and we realized that this was one of the most effective deep dive programs we attended. Having been part of Microsoft Accelerator, Start Up Chile, we had prior exposure to top global accelerators and we have to admit that Xlr8 program was second to none. It was an amazing experience and the team lead by Glenn, Venkat, Chandana, Aruna and others have done an amazing job in helping us enhance our sales capabilities and also enabled us to think beyond boundaries of metros and do business in tier 2 and tier 3 cities and towns. We are very keen to expand our business in Andhra Pradesh and start by setting up a support centre for IDOS at Tirupati."

    - Cheruku Srikanth
    IDOS India

    “It was pleasure being part of XLr8AP Cohort 2 and receiving great inputs, directions, knowledge to harness our skills and make us ready for better presentations. I am sure this time spent at XLr8 would help us take our business forward too. Team XLR8AP is putting its effort for each of participants and I express my gratitude towards the team and Mr.Glenn Robinson especially."

    - Satish V.Pathak
    Samiep Technology Innovations

    “From the very first day it was great.XLr8AP workshops played a great role in our recent success of PortXL, Rotterdam project. From fueling the confidence in the team to making a professional presenter, it has been a great experience and will love to continue this connect in future."

    - Lakshay Dang
    Sagar Defense Engineering

    “The training was well thought out and several key aspects were covered. Getting in speakers with vast experience on the related topic is not an easy thing to do in India. "

    - Venu Pollineni

    “If an entrepreneur is still in the draft phase, XLR8 provides a world-class mini lesson on a specific startup processes and leadership development training. Thanks for everything; we made lot of changes in our business plan and exploring more growth in the market. "

    - Suresh Avvaru

    “We feel very happy to participate in the XLr8AP cohort 2 program. The training was very useful, for exploring markets, pitching the business. All the topics covered in the workshop are very productive for the startups like us. With XLr8AP participation we got lot of opportunities."

    - Sowjanya

    “Being an entrepreneur, it is very important to understand the practical aspects of marketing and product demand /supply. XLr8 team proved to be an excellent coach for us and we are surely going to utilize the learning in hunting markets and doing business."

    - Rajeev Rajan
    AGPULSE Pvt.Ltd

    “It helped to judge my innovation and gave a directional path in planning a business model. In addition, cohort-2 provided a friendly and supportive network and training."

    - KJ Rao
    Nano Fabrics

    “It helped me to figure out my further research in my product. The training received at XLr8AP was very valuable."

    - K.Tarangini
    Antidandruff formulation

    “As a serial innovator, I used to do many unwanted things which were diluting my focus on commercialization of the innovations. APIS-XLr8AP program has taught me where to focus and explained how and why."

    - Chanchal Dass
    Simplified Mathematics Teaching Technique

    “It's been a wonderful experience right from the beginning. To start with selection process, training material, meeting lot of versatile entrepreneurs and great support from xlr8 team informing about programs, encouragement and guidance in right direction increased my knowledge and skills in improving the performance. I hope to continue the bonding in the future"

    - Sundeep

    “XLr8AP program is an innovative training for the entrepreneurs to take up the business into global level. The four months training program chance to learn target validators for a 360 perspective and value proposition template in a business. I place my sincere thanks to the Innovation Society of the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, the IC2 Institute of the University of Texas at Austin and FICCI for providing such a valuable opportunity to participate in this training program and help to accelerate my company into next level."

    - Murugesan
    M/s Rope Production

    XLr8AP has ignited the spark in me to experience the true joy of learning and changed my direction of thinking about Innovation, Business and technology. I am inspired by the XLr8AP methodology of tutoring and their sincere efforts in making me understand what exactly the process of innovation is and how my innovation should add value to the users, customers and to the society in general by bringing multiple benefits. Thanks a lot to XLr8AP for your professional commitment and support.

    - N P Komala Raveendra

    I have entirely redone my business plans which are much more focused now.  The interactions with associate Cohorts also helped me in identifying my strengths and weaknesses and also good learning’s from their own experiences

    - SundaraRajanSampath
    Janani Foods

    Thanks to all at xlr8AP for the dedication with which all of you are working.

    It is just amazing to see every one's concerted effort towards a greater goal.

    - Ghulam Mohamed Arif

    Opened up different and right ways of presenting the innovation to the investors. Learned new things on the financial implications and importance of how to make presentation to the potential investors.

    - Narayan N

    Very well organized and conducted by well trained & qualified trainers. We have gained lot of insights into the business aspects of our innovation. The QL report was the masterpiece to give insights into how to translate ideas/innovation

    - Dr ShivrajDasari
    S.L.S.Cell Cure Technologies

    Good insights into successful set up, operationalization and running of an organization and grooming the entrepreneurs to showcase the products and services for pitching before the investors/clients were learnt in the XLr8 program.Thanks for the inputs during workshops and one to one meeting.

    - SrihariKotela
    eFresh Agribusiness Solutions

    The program was extremely useful in developing the Elevator pitch and value proposition. The program helped develop a focus in the business thinking

    - Mohan Kandaswamy
    Oriental Aquamarine Biotech

    It’s a great experience. Interactions with the expert gave insight on future assignments. Quick look provided a very comprehensive understanding and the path ahead for commercialization.

    - Sameer Panda

    This Training Program gave me a illustrative and 360 degrees overview on the commercialization of my patented invention. And gave me a clear idea on how to take it forward.

    - Satyanarayana.NV

    It was a privilege and honor for me to be part of the Incubator led by IC2, Texas University together with AP government. The entire duration was a great resource and helped me to sharpen skills to pitch, writing a product description etc. The peer group interaction also helped me to sharpen my product focus and helped in building more confidence.

    - Toms K Thomas
    Olive Touch Health Care Services

    Training at XLR8 AP assisted me to gain knowledge on product analysis, marketing methods, and mentorship, brand building.


    Benefits from Quick look process, elevator pitch tips were amazing. Important take home was “It is profit that makes all else possible”.

    - Venkat Ravi Kumar Banda
    XCyton Diagnostics

    XLr8 is a turning point in the commercialization process of our innovation. The methodologies and techniques taught during incubation had simplified the commercialization process and helped in identifying the benefits to customers, validating the technology and developing communication strategies focused on benefits and value rather than pure technology and features.

    I feel that the overall benefits that I had accrued from this training can be estimated to be more than 40 lakhs if I were get it on my own, considering the quality of faculty, travel and stay in US. It is an unimaginable opportunity.

    - Krishna Ravi
    Reckon Green Innovations